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Since our creation in 2018, viraltick has generated more than 1,5 million B2B leads. Our lead generation services for potential accounts and our appointment scheduling programs are aimed at companies offering “complex” B2B products or services that may also have one or more characteristics.

As a leading provider of B2B lead generation services and as a complement to your business, we take care of the tedious tasks of finding and qualifying leads for you.

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What We Can Do For You

Appointment Setting

A solid method of selling your high-ticket offer, so that you and your team members can close with ease and consistency.Our organic method of appointment setting/ lead-attraction shows you exactly how to; build your audience with 5,000 qualified appointments , nurture your audience without wasting time, and get a percentage on sales calls and closing.

Lead Generation

We’ll help you assess and prioritize your leads based on the leads most likely to buy. Our lead management process involves developing a systematic method of assessing your lead’s pain (the extent of specific issues the lead needs to solve) and motivation (the lead’s enthusiasm for the purchase. ). This helps your sales team focus on the leads most likely to buy and makes the sales funnel more efficient.


A powerful and simple-to-implement traffic & content system that turns Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram strangers into high-paying clients. We show you the ropes and trenches of how to scale your business 6 to 7 figures. You get to see exactly how we scaled our c business to 200k/month organically with Facebook , LinkedIn & Instagram Qualified Appointment setting.


A key component to growing and scaling from $10,000 months to $10,000 days is a team of A-players. However, hiring team members without systems in place and proper training and delegation can cause a lot of frustration and delivery issues. We help you find real, competent team players, not assistants or freelancers, but real A-players that you can fully trust with your coaching business.

Are You Looking to Grow and Scale up Your Business?

Quickly Find Your Ideal Clients and Fill up Your Calendar Every Month With Qualified Appointments Every Month.

Why are we the best lead generation service, provider?

No Outsourcing – Some lead generation companies outsource their work to subcontractors. we are not as we invest in the development of their skills. We believe our model will give you better results.
Experienced Sales Representatives: Our agents average 25 to 40 years old. They know how to build relationships with high-level decision-makers.
Industry Builds Lead Generation Business – viraltick was founded in 2018 and we helped invent this industry. We have an unmatched record of longevity and success.

Versatile Experience – We know how to generate leads for top-selling B2B accounts across hundreds of product, solution, and service categories.

Here's What we have done for over 500 Satisfied
Appointment Setting Clients

  • Accomplished more than 20 million new sales presentations for our clients.

  • Helped close to 300 appointment setting clients, making over 1.5 million sales calls to potential customers on refined, well-targeted lists.

  • Engaged in over 400,000 conversations to assess both decision-making ability and interest.

  • Scheduled over 50,000 appointments with interested, well-qualified prospects.

  • Helped close over $75 million in new business.


What Our Client Says:

Meet Our Happy Clients:

we help them to scale their businesses and increases sales revenue every month. We’ve worked with 100s of experts all around the world and have been able to help them grow incredibly fast with our organic Appointment setting  programs.

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We help You to Get more sales-Qualified leads Every Month.

Wherever you need help in the lead generation and sales process, Viraltick can boost your results with smart, focused, measurable appointment setting,lead generation, sales coaching and B2B marketing consulting.


We help you to Scale up your business and increases your sales revenue every month with Paying Clients. Outsourcing your Qualified Appointment setters with Viraltick  will be the best decision you will make this year.

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